Yamuna Workshops

Discover improved flexibility, posture and overall wellness through a series of three Yamuna body-rolling workshops.

In the first two sessions, Members learn how to use a therapy ball to manipulate muscle fibers, tendons and hard-to-reach deep tissue to release tension and boost circulation and movement.

Complete your health journey in the third session, which focuses on the face. Find a revitalized and youthful look through stimulating the bones and muscles in the face.

Each workshop is led by a different instructor. Experienced Club trainer Hideaki Hongo takes charge of the first session, followed by Mika Childs, who boasts more than a decade of Yamuna teaching experience, and Satoshi Suzuki, a Yamuna body-rolling instructor trainer.

Workshop Schedule
Three workshops: ¥35,640 (10% discount)


  • Apr 24 (10am–12pm): Yamuna body-rolling basics (instructor: Hideaki Hongo)
    Washington & Lincoln rooms | ¥13,200


  • May 29 (10am–12pm): Yamuna body-rolling basics (instructor: Mika Childs)
    Washington & Lincoln rooms | ¥13,200


  • Jun 26 (10am–12pm): Yamuna face saver (instructor: Satoshi Suzuki)
    The Studio | ¥13,200


  • Rental ball: ¥550 per workshop
  • Available for purchase: Yamuna pearl ball: ¥2,904 (April and May sessions) | Yamuna black ball: ¥4,136 (April and May sessions) | Yamuna face ball: ¥6,688 (June session)
  • Members only
  • Ages 16 & above

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