Let’s Get Flexible

Discover new levels of flexibility with former Cirque du Soleil artist Shun Sugimoto.

The dancer, who was a contestant on the British dance competition TV show “Got to Dance,” will host two yoga-based workshops (details below) designed to build strength and mobility while helping Members push their physical limits.

“In my method, yoga trains your body to breathe and improves strength and flexibility, while techniques derived from circus training build core and upper-body strength, boost energy and control stress,” Sugimoto explains.


  • Handstand Workshop
    Yoga enthusiasts are in for a treat. Learn how to practice and complete a handstand (or an easier headstand or frog stand) in a step-by-step process. Regular practice can improve core and upper-body strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Flexibility and Mobility Workshop
    Learn how to develop your range of motion and flexibility to improve posture, alleviate stiffness and prevent injury during a session of yoga poses and circus performance-derived static stretches.



  • Handstand Workshop: 1–2:30pm
  • Flexibility Workshop: 2:45–4:15pm
  • One session: ¥7,700
  • Two sessions: ¥13,200
  • Ages 16 & above

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