Flavors of Japan: Summer in Miura

Celebrate Japan’s world-famous culinary culture at an evening of fine food and sake.

In the fourth of a series of seasonal dinners highlighting the bounty of Japan’s different regions, the Club’s kitchen team partners with Miura City to showcase flavors from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Experience the rich gastronomy of this charming seaside community, just an hour and a half from Tokyo, at a five-course dinner featuring the flavors of the Miura Peninsula.

Kick off the night with a welcome cocktail crafted from the area’s famed watermelon juice before diving into the evening’s centerpiece: a live tuna-cutting show. For more than 100 years, Misaki Port has been a key source of tuna. A purveyor and manager from the Misaki Port public market will demonstrate how quality is assessed to bring a variety of cuts—including rare parts—to your plate.

A bounty of seasonal vegetables will also take Members on a summer trip through Miura City’s open-field farms and an evening of delicious bites and prizes.


Welcome Cocktail
Watermelon Spritz
fresh-pressed watermelon juice from miura prefecture, vodka, lemon cordial, soda

Pass Service
Crispy Miura Tuna Karaage

Hokkaido Scallop Tartare with Black Tiger Shrimp
fresh dill, crunchy okara and mango dressing

Chilled Miura Corn Potage

Bigeye Tuna “Kaitai Show” Tuna Carving

Miura Farm to Table Salad
fresh and lightly cooked vegetables with fruit vinaigrette

Miura Bigeye Tuna Donburi
classic preparation

Roasted Miura Wagyu Beef & Local Vegetables
spicy sweet miso, aged balsamic from modena

Watermelon Dolce
gently poached miura watermelon, almond milk jelly, mint and lemongrass granita

Coffee or Organic Tea

Fun Facts: Miura City

  • Miura has a vibrant fishing industry, known for its tuna catches.
  • Foreign ships began unloading tuna at Misaki Port in the early 1910s.
  • The historic Kainan Shrine is dedicated to the sea god Watatsumi.
  • Watermelons are a local delicacy and can be bought from vending machines.
  • The reefs around Miura are a popular destination for snorkelers and divers.
  • Divers can send waterproof postcards from Susami Bay’s underwater mailbox.
  • Kannonzaki Lighthouse is one of the oldest western-style lighthouses in Japan.
  • Miura is a hot spot for UFO enthusiasts who enjoy local tales of sightings.
  • Scenic Cape Tsurugi offers stunning ocean views and hiking opportunities.



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